July 18, 2016 cameronreilly

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

On July 17 the theme of our assembly was how to survive a relationship break-up – something most of us have been through or will go through some day. We were lucky to have Jenny, a divorce and separation coach, join us to share her wisdom, as well as regular member Daryl who has worked to help men through separations for many years.

Some of the ideas that members shared included:

  • moving your body
  • pain is not alcohol or drug soluble
  • we are not taught how to relate in relationships
  • put yourself first
  • you can’t love a guarded heart
  • Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief apply to separation
  • there is a dark night before the dawn
  • relationships need skills
  • the “I” statement
  • use journaling to get your feelings down on paper – and then burn the journal

Our next assembly will be on Sunday August 21 at 2:30pm at Hamilton Town Hall and our guest speaker will be Malcolm Burt who will be talking about “Virtual Reality and the Future of Entertainment!” After the assembly, we’ll be holding our annual general meeting to pick new leadership and discuss how to make SAB stronger in the next year!

Keep an eye on Facebook and Meetup for further details.