September 18, 2016 cameronreilly

Critical Thinking & Free Speech (Sept 2016)

We had a great assembly today, with our guest speaker Peter Ellerton, director of the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project. He explained the difference between free speech and free inquiry, and pressed home the idea that all speech should be welcome, as long as it is framed within the context of inquiry to discover the truth. It should be open to discussion and debate, regardless of how difficult we might find what they have to say.

I’d also like to give a huge shout out to our guest Ami Phi from Griffith Uni who spoke to us about her upcoming short film project, “Pinapplism”, which she is entering into Tropfest later this year.

And Casey Davidson who gave an excellent reading from Carl Sagan’s book “The Demon-Haunted World”.

Casey and Zac Syme also came loaded with a TON of great food for the kitchen, including a million watermelons and vegan burgers!

And a huge shout out to Roger who came along for the first time, AND played keyboards, AND played the cowbell AT THE SAME TIME, AND did harmony vocals.

And of course a massive thanks as always to the hardest working secretary Amanda Kippax, who not only reminds me when I’m later for a committee meeting but also takes the minutes, sends them through within seconds, then gets to the hall early, brings the coffee and milk, sets up, packs down, handles the AV clicker during the songs, and does Sagan Knows what else when I’m not looking.

And finally my lovely other half Chrissy, who sets up the kitchen, wrangles Fox AND plays violin like a mofo.

Don’t forget about our working bee next weekend, Wonder Club on Oct 8, and see you all next month when our guest speaker will be David Gillespie, author of “Sweet Poison”.