Need to talk to someone about Sunday Assembly Brisbane? Here are your best contact points.

Teammember Cameron Reilly
Cameron Reilly
Cameron is the current president of SA Brisbane and you can talk to him about any questions you have. He runs a marketing consulting business and likes discussing The 3 Ps (politics, philosophy and physics). Massive Lou Reed fan. EMAIL TEL: 0498 015 853
Teammember Jennifer Gleeson
Jennifer Gleeson
Jennifer handles the funds, collects donations and pays our bills. She works in university administration and past jobs include owner-operator of a swim school, administration of car repair workshop, and research assistant for federal politicians.  Jennifer is married to Gary and they have three adult daughters. She is currently studying part-time for a Masters in Business Administration and is interested in community issues.. EMAIL TEL: 0409 063 738
Teammember Paul Ross
Paul Ross
Paul keeps the minutes of our committee meetings, works in IT support and lives in Redcliffe. He is interested in permaculture, mindfulness and mindfulness meditation and is pretty much curious about everything. If you live on the northside and feel like a social game of squash, give him a ring. TEL 0402 254 313 EMAIL 
Teammember Jane Goodwin Goulding
Jane Goodwin Goulding
Service Director
Jane is helping us co-ordinate our community service work. With an academic background in Development and Peace and Conflict studies, Jane is now a family mediator working in the community sector. She is interested in music, reading for fun, socialising and focusing on thepositives that happen in life. Married to a kiwi ring-in she likes to travel and had spent time living/working in Idaho and Costa Rica. Talk to her about travel, conflict resolution or ideas on how we can make the world a more positive place. EMAIL


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    • cameronreilly

      Hi Tessa! Our assemblies are always on the 1st Sunday of the month at 10am and are held at Ashgrove State School Hall. We also have other meetups, like social picnics and a philosophy group, on other weekends during the month. You can find a full list of events here:

  1. Trish

    I live on the Gold Coast and would it be possible to start a Sunday assembly down here?
    Thank you. Kind regards. Trish.

  2. David Fisher

    Marie and I thank all the wonderful Sunday Assemblers who visited us yesterday and helped around our grounds. Emily spoke to me about community, and I felt it. It is good to have a sense of independence. However, it is also good not to let your sense of independence deny the desire of someone else to help you. Marie and I have no family that lives near us so we really appreciated the SA visit and help. We would be quite happy if any SAers would like to visit us at 7 Jane Court, Cashmere.

  3. Shirley Whitton

    Please put me back on your list to receive emails. I’m unable to attend because I live on the south side and don’t drive but I enjoy being on the mailing list.

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