May 23, 2017 cameronreilly

The Orange Sky Story

Come along to Sunday Assembly Brisbane in June to hear the inspiring story of Orange Sky Laundry!

In October 2014, two best mates had a crazy idea to put two washing machines and two dryers in the back of a van, and wash and dry clothes for free. Orange Sky Laundry was born – a world-first, free mobile laundry service for the homeless. On a mission to improve hygiene standards, the organisation stumbled on something much bigger and more significant – the power of a conversation. Now facilitated by more than 700 volunteers across the country, Orange Sky Australia aims to positively connect the community. The average household does 36kg of washing every week. Orange Sky volunteer, Liz Clinton, is coming to tell us about how she helps to wash to over 200 times this amount each and every week – for free.

Read more about Orange Sky here!

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Hope to see you there!